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2 11, 2019

I started taking purple tea

I started taking purple tea almost 18 months ago – thanks to BETATEA – and my experience has been amazing. Whist I must admit I wasn’t quite certain initially on the benefits, I am now fully transformed. Besides the pleasant woody flavour, I no longer get colds, flus or the frequent belly bloats. I have [...]

11 10, 2019

I have used this brand

I have used this brand of purple tea for a year.It has solved my bloating problems, it has gotten rid of my acne problems, my skin is flawless.My tummy is skinner. I add fresh lemons and honey.This is my new lifestyle. I have introduced it to my friends and they are loving it.

9 10, 2019

I don’t normally write reviews

I came to Kenya for a visit from UK and was introduced to purple tea. I add lemon and honey and take it at least once a day. The quality is very good. I have been using it for a few months now and I am very impressed. I have lost weight without changing my [...]

9 10, 2019

I Have used the Betatea

I Have used the Betatea purple tea and I confidently say it a very good product. I love the taste, and has boosted my weight loss journey.

15 09, 2018

The purple tea whole leaf

The purple tea whole leaf has really worked for me. It is refreshing and has helped me in losing a few kilos and digestion. I am not a keen water taker but with infused purple tea, I am taking two bottles a day comfortably. The response time from when I order was also impressive. Highly [...]

15 09, 2018

Great product, Easy and smooth

Great product. Easy and smooth on the taste hence ideal in replacing black tea and other beverages considering the benefits too. It helps when the product is backed by years of experience of customer service and operations management which has greatly enhanced the entire customer experience.