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15 09, 2018

Just amazing!

Just amazing! I have been using the purple Tea and I have found it so refreshing. I have used other green tea before but none comes close to Purple Tea from Betatea. It quenches thirst such that you don't need to take water once you take it, the aroma is so good and the taste [...]

15 09, 2018

I have used two satchets

I have used two satchets so far and it's done miracles for me health wise. I have more energy when it comes to my intimate role as a husband. I have also not taken my regular BP prescription and whenever I check pressure it's been very normal. The trick is take the tea consistently for [...]

15 09, 2018

I no longer crave sweet things

Since I started using Betatea, i no longer crave sweet things, which had been a problem when it comes to managing my weight. As a result, I have lost about 3kgs since I started my journey with Betatea early this year.