Kenya Purple Tea originates from the Camellia Sinensis (a variety of tea plant).  This new variety of tea was developed by the Kenya Tea research in the last 25 years. It has been in commercial production for less than a decade and many people are not yet aware of the new tea variety.  Purple tea uniquely produces high levels of antioxidants.

The purple appearance of the tea is caused by production of anthocyanin, the same powerful antioxidant also found in blueberries.

What’s so special about this Purple Tea?

Purple tea is called so because its leaves are purple in color.  It is not a GMO plant but completely natural and part of the tea family.  To make the best purple tea, it requires its own preparation recipe.

Here is a general description of processing purple tea from picking to the finished product.

  • Pick only the freshest purple tea leaves – older leaves can’t be plucked because the leaf color has started to fade from purple to green.
  • Wither the leaves to ensure moisture is reduced and a sweeter taste is enhanced.
  • Pan/steam the leaves
  • Roll up the leaves and dry them
  • Mill them to the right consistent and pack them ready for use

Note:  The one step that sets it apart from the other teas is the rolling step that enhances it taste and quality.

Purple tea contains the following properties and health benefits:

  • Contains Anthocyanin – This is a property that carries many medicinal properties. This property is particularly known for its protection against cardiovascular diseases.
  • Have high antioxidant effects – they provide anticancer benefits, improve vision, lower cholesterol levels and balances blood sugar metabolism.
  • Contains anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties – Purple tea helps fight off common fevers and flus. It also eases inflammation and arthritis pain in the body.
  • Contains lower caffeine content – much lower than the green or black tea, purple tea has stomach friendly caffeine. Other teas may cause an upset stomach due to the high content of tannin content.
  • Carries a stronger flavor and taste – Purple tea has a sweet and woodsy flavor than all the traditional teas which strongly appeal to tea lovers.
  • Contains no calories – unsweetened purple tea has no calories at all. It is best enjoyed to most even when unsweetened which is not the same for the other teas. If you choose to sweeten yours, go for healthy sweeteners like organic honey or stevia in order to maintain the health benefits.  Purple tea taken without sugar and milk increases its potency.  Fresh lemon squeezed into the purple tea enhances more flavor and color.
  • Aids in weight loss by altering fat absorption – Teas especially green and purple are known to aid in weight loss. The purple tea works better due to the fact that it carries no calories of its own.


Most people have not yet learned about this tea, but they are warming up to the idea.  Apart from its delightful color, it has outstanding health benefits.  It’s truly out to give the famous green tea a run for its money!

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